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Violation of Restraining


“Violation of a Restraining Order” is a criminal offense and can carry a penalty of up to a year in jail, a $2.000.00 fine and 2 years’ probation. In Strafford County, which includes the local towns of Durham and Dover, these charges are prosecuted by a domestic violence unit of the Strafford County Attorney’s Office. They often have special protocols and expectations that make these cases difficult.


When you are charged with a violating restraining order it often comes with serious restrictions on who you can have contact with and where you can go. The conditions of bail often require that you have absolutely no contact with the alleged victim and any witnesses. The bail conditions may also restrict you from returning to your home or apartment if you previously lived with the alleged victim. The order for no contact can be very difficult when two people have a significant relationship and further complicated if they live, work or attend school together. Often times the alleged victim is the one who initiated contact, but the law does not make an exception even when the contact is by agreement.


It is important to have competent legal representation by an attorney like Joanne M. Stella who has experience handling hundreds of cases like these. The legal issues can be just as dynamic as the relationships and personalities of the people involved. Criminal Defense Attorney Joanne M. Stella will protect your rights and provide a rigorous defense. You need someone on your side, who understands the legal process and will provide a guiding hand.   

Criminal Defense Attorney Joanne M. Stella has over 20 years’ experience representing those charged with criminal offenses and has represented over 9,000 UNH students. If you are arrested and need representation Attorney Stella will provide a strong and rigorous defense. Contact her for a free consultation.

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