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“Up until just last year, I had never seen the inside of a court room in my life. My case opened my eyes to just how overwhelming the whole process can be. My attorney Joanne Stella helped me to organize my options in a clear and comfortable manner giving me the confidence I needed going in. She managed my appointments and reminded me of dates, and I believe it was this attention to detail that received me a fair trial, proper representation and favorable ruling.”


"I went to Joanne Stella after getting a transportation of alcohol charge when I was only 20 years of age, during the University of New Hampshire's 2014-2015 Homecoming weekend.  Joanne heard my end of the story and came up with several different methods to win my case.  Upon arrival at the court, Joanne gave me multiple options and asked me what rout I wanted to take.  I remember being more than confident in her, so I asked her to do what she felt was best for me.  After telling me not to speak unless spoken to, she won my case with what seemed like ease.  Throughout the process I don't think my mother slept more than 3 hours a night, due to being nervous and the fact that it was currently my third year as an engineering student.   However, after the court case, which she attended, my mother stated to me, "I was very impressed with Joanne Stella.  She seemed confident the entire time and before it was even done, I felt like she had already won."  The following summer I was given an opportunity to work at an engineering company called Geokon.  Without Joanne Stella, that would not have been possible." 

Jacob D.

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