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Scholarships, Study Abroad, and "3 Stikes You're Out"

If your name appears on local police logs the University will find out and request that you attend a meeting with your Dean. The first offense meeting is typically a group meeting where you are apprised of the “3 strikes and you’re out” rule. After three arrests the Dean will usually pursue available remedies through the Office of Community Standards for a suspension from UNH.


The Dean’s meeting and the “three strikes and you’re out” policy are not necessarily a part of the formal disciplinary process through the Office of Community Standards. The first and second warning meetings with a Dean can occur as a result of your name appearing on the police logs without there ever being formal disciplinary charges.


If you have a Dean’s meeting as a result of being arrested or if you have formal disciplinary charges through the Office of Community Standards, then it is possible you could have scholarship money taken away and be denied permission to study abroad for one year. (The scholarships affected are the Dean’s, Director, Presidential, Tyco or Hamel as of September 2015. A first infraction is usually a $500.00 deduction and a second infraction can result in a loss of the scholarship entirely.)

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