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Restraining Orders

If you have been served with a notice that you someone is trying to obtain a restraining order against you or you want to get a restraining order against someone Attorney Stella can help. Court hearings involving restraining orders can happen quickly. These cases will get priority on the court docket and it is important to have access to legal advice. Attorney Stella has over 20 years’ experience involving restraining orders and she will respond quickly to your inquiry.

The laws regarding a domestic violence restraining order are very specific and the process for how these cases are handled can be found in the NH statutes.


Temporary orders can be granted by a judge even without the defendant being present if there is a showing of immediate and present danger of abuse. Permanent, one-year, restraining orders will be granted if a preponderance of the evidence shows the defendant is a credible threat to the safety of the plaintiff and there has been a showing of abuse. Protective orders issued by the court can restrain a defendant from certain activities (such as attending classes or work if the plaintiff might also be there) or deny them the ability to return to their home. The court has broad powers to issues many different kinds of restrictions.


Attorney Joanne M. Stella has been practicing law in New Hampshire since 1993 and has extensive experience in civil litigation. If you need advice from someone who knows and understands the laws regarding restraining orders then contact her for a free consultation.

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