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Landlord Tenant Law

Are you facing an eviction or are you a landlord desperately trying to remove unwanted tenants?


Have you failed to receive a return of your security deposit or are you a landlord seeking damages above the amount of the deposit?


Either way, you need an attorney who has over 20 years’ experience negotiating and litigating these issues. Attorney Joanne M. Stella has appeared in court on hundreds of cases involving landlord tenant laws. She has even successfully argued and won two cases in the New Hampshire Court on behalf of her clients.


(Green v. Sumner Properties, LLC., 873 A.2d 497, 152 N.H. 183 (NH 2005) and Miller v. Slania Enterprises, Inc. 843 A.2d 939, 150 N.H. 655 (N.H. 2004)


Attorney Joanne M. Stella has been practicing law in New Hampshire since 1993 and has extensive experience in civil litigation. If you need advice from someone who knows and understands the law then contact her for a free consultation.

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