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International Student Issues, Immigration, Arrests

International Students who are arrested and charged with a criminal offense should immediately get legal representation to determine if the charges will have any effect on their ability to stay in New Hampshire. Some criminal offenses are considered “removable” and some offense may just make it more difficult to re-enter the United States.


Many international students find themselves in legal trouble as a result of their failure to obtain a New Hampshire driver’s license or simply their failure to understand the driving laws. Serious motor vehicle infractions or even multiple minor ones can make it impossible for them to ever obtain New Hampshire driving license. This can further impact their ability to enjoy all there is to offer during their time studying at UNH.

Criminal arrests can trigger serious consequences for international students. Local arrests of UNH students often a result in a mandatory disciplinary meeting with your Dean’s office, a possible loss of scholarships, a loss of study abroad privileges, and a possible suspension from the University. Criminal convictions can also have serious impacts on future employment opportunities in the US.


Criminal Defense Attorney Joanne M. Stella has over 20 years’ experience representing those charged with criminal offenses and has represented over 9,000 UNH students. If you are arrested you need competent legal representation and Attorney Stella will explain the process, guide you through the system and provide a strong and rigorous defense. Contact her for a free consultation.

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