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DWI (Driving While

Indoxicated or Drugs)

Driving While Intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, even for a first offense, is a criminal charge in NH and that means a criminal record if you are convicted. Criminal Defense Attorney Joanne M. Stella has over 20 years’ experience aggressively representing those accused of drunk driving.


It is imperative that anyone charged with DWI get an attorney as soon as possible after arrest. Once arrested and charged with DWI there is a strong possibility of an administrative license suspension taking effect 30 days from the date of your arrest. That administrative suspension can be appealed, but the request for a hearing has to get in before the deadline and has to state all the grounds upon which you wish to appeal. Attorney Stella will quickly jump in and get that request to the Division of Motor Vehicles and get a hearing scheduled as quickly as possible. Without paying attention to this level of detail, your rights in a DWI can be affected and you can lose your driver license before you even get to court!


DWI charges can be overwhelming and confusing. The penalties can include a license suspension, fines and extensive court ordered alcohol counseling. A first offense for someone under 21 can have a year or more loss of license and anyone convicted faces the possibility of having to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle. (These devices require a breath test before starting the car.) Getting legal representation for a DWI charge can mean the difference in several months’ worth of license suspension and a criminal record or not. Legal representation can get you peace of mind knowing you been aggressively defended and pursued all your options.


Criminal Defense Attorney Joanne M. Stella will always work diligently to make sure you understand the process, the potential consequences and all your options. Call or text right now for your free consultation.

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