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Domestic Violence

Defense for Domestic Violence & Violent Crimes in Durham, NH and Strafford County, NH

You or your loved one has been charged with or has fallen victim to domestic violence or some other violent crime in Durham, NH or Strafford County, NH – what should you do next? Cases regarding various violent offenses can often be complicated, with conflicting statements from both parties seemingly unable to come to a common conclusion. It is exactly at these times that a professional and knowledgeable domestic violence lawyer or violent crime lawyer will help you navigate through the extensive tunnels of state and local laws and build the best case possible for you. Garnering more than 20-years of experience in providing domestic violence attorney and violent crime attorney services in Durham, NH and Strafford County, NH, we are your best bet for achieving the best possible outcome based on your situation. Carefully assessing all facts, investigating all aspects of the case and matching them up with proper legal arguments, the professionals of Durham Criminal Law will provide you with immaculate legal counsel and representation in a court of law.


What Are My Options when Charged with Domestic Violence or Violent Crime?

If charged for a violent crime, it’s important to carefully evaluate the situation and the conditions under which the crime supposedly took place. When serious bodily injury has been inflicted, and the assault resulted in a stillbirth or miscarriage, or the assault was carried out with a deadly weapon, the charges may be taken up as either class A or class B felony, imposing imprisonment of up to 15 or 7 years, respectively. In less-severe cases, where the offense doesn’t qualify as first or second degree assault, but is still identified to be a result of reckless or purposeful actions, it may be classified as simple assault. In this case, the charge is a misdemeanor instead of a felony, punishable by up to 1 year of jail sentence. If the assault was performed on a family or household member or a person who the accused had an intimate relationship with, it would fall under the category of domestic violence. In these circumstances, the punishment may vary from restraining and protective orders to jail time in more severe cases. Whatever the situation, it’s very important to seek out legal counsel as quickly as possible, as a professional domestic violence lawyer or a violent crime lawyer will help you build your case based on extensive legal grounds and providing sufficient defense to get justice or to reduce jail time. Here at Durham Criminal Law, we specialize in defending clients against the following charges:


  • Driving under influence

  • Charges for possession of a fake ID

  • Drug and alcohol-related offenses

  • Domestic violence, assault and violent crime

  • Possession of firearms and weapons


Where Can I Get Help in Domestic Violence & Violent Crime Cases?

When choosing a domestic violence attorney or violent crime attorney, it’s important that you find a counselor with sufficient knowledge and experience in the local law and legal procedures. Here at Durham Criminal Law, we specialize in providing defense in domestic violence and violent crime cases in Durham, NH, and Strafford County, NH. In addition, we may be able to counsel and represent you, if you’re based in one of the following locations:


  • Carroll County, NH

  • Rockingham County, NH

  • Merrimack County, NH

  • Belknap County, NH


How Do I Get Help?

If you or your loved one is facing charges, it’s important to take immediate action and enroll the help of an experienced domestic violence lawyer or violent crime lawyer as soon as possible. Servicing clients in all cases regarding to domestic violence & violent crime in Durham, NH and Strafford County, NH, we’ll be more than happy to offer our guidance and support.


To get in touch with Durham Criminal Law, please call (603) 812-8627.

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