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DUI Durham

DUI Lawyer Services in Durham, NH and Strafford County, NH

New Hampshire laws are quite strict when it comes to driving under influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). It doesn’t take much for you or your loved one to be charged, and the penalties can be quite severe. Any combination of drugs or alcohol consumed by the driver can result in class B misdemeanor offense charge. Don’t let “misdemeanor” fool you – it’s still a very serious offense and requires a qualified and experienced DUI lawyer to properly manage in order to avoid or minimize fines and driver’s license suspension.  Here at Durham Criminal Law, we specialize in providing compassionate and highly efficient DUI attorney services in Durham, NH and Strafford County, NH. Knowing just how large an impact being charged for DWI can have, especially to young adults, we provide extensive legal guidance, counseling and representation to anyone charged with first-time or repeated offense of driving under influence.


What’s the Penalty for First Offense DUI?

DUI in Durham, NH and Strafford County, NH is a serious offense and will most often result in revocation of the driver’s license for a set period of time. If the blood alcohol content (BAC) has been found to be over 0.08 at the time of driving (or above 0.02 for persons under the age of 21), the offense will be subject to administrative license suspension of at least 6 months. Administrative license suspension is also issued if the driver refuses to perform a breathalyzer test, as by attaining a driver’s license, the person has implied consent to perform tests for determining BAC, and refusal to do so counts as an offense. In the case the driver refused to perform the BAC test, they may lose their driver’s license for an additional 3 months, totaling to 9 months, combined with the DWI charge. Additional penalties, including possible jail time, are issued for repeat offenses and aggravated DWI, which qualifies when: the BAC of the driver was above 0.16, the vehicle was going more than over 30mph over the speed limit, there were passengers under 16 in the vehicle, the driver attempted to evade law enforcement, or the driving resulted in a collision that caused severe body injury or death.


As you can see, the consequences for DUI in Durham, NH and Strafford County, NH are very serious. Repeat offenders can be issued a mandatory jail sentence and driver’s license revocation of multiple years. However, the charges can often be disputed in court, and with the help of a professional DUI attorney, the penalties sentenced to you can be reduced drastically. There are multiple mandatory guidelines to be followed by the officer stopping you and issuing the breathalyzer test, and in our professional DUI attorney experience there have been many instances where cases were eventually dismissed due to breathalyzers being uncertified, uncalibrated, or the officers operating them lacking the required training.  Durham Criminal Law will be happy to assist you with legal defense in the following fields:


  • DUI in Durham, NH and Strafford County, NH

  • False identification charges

  • Charges relating to drug and alcohol possession

  • Domestic violence, assault and violent crime offenses

  • Charges related to unlawful possession of firearms & weapons


Where Does Durham Criminal Law offer DUI Attorney Services?

We’re based in Durham, NH, and we specialize in DUI attorney services for residents of the area. However, we may also be able to help you if you’re located somewhere else in Strafford County, NH, or any of the following surrounding areas:


  • Carroll County

  • Rockingham County

  • Merrimack County

  • Belknap County


How Do I Get Help with DUI Charges in Durham, NH and Strafford County, NH?

If you or your loved one has been charged with DUI or DWI, you need a reliable attorney to provide you with advice and representation in court. Our experienced DUI lawyers know what to look for, and how to plead your case to ensure the best outcome for you.  

To find out more about how we can help you, please call (603) 812-8627 or get in touch by e-mail at!

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