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Drug/Alcohol Crimes Durham

Drug and Alcohol Attorney in Durham, NH and Strafford County, NH

There are many cases in which the services of a drug possession lawyer or an alcohol possession lawyer are required. If you or someone close to you has found themselves charged with possession, distribution, or the intention to sell controlled dangerous substances (CDS), the penalties may be severe. New Hampshire laws regulating CDS predict a variety of penalties for the possession, manufacturing and sales of substances ranging from alcohol (applied to persons under the age of 21) to marijuana, hash and more serious substances such as heroin, cocaine, and crack. When charged with an alcohol or a drug offense, only an attorney who specializes in the local laws pertaining to these offenses will be able to properly help you assess the situation, set proper goals, and provide legal representation. We have more than 20-years of experience helping local residents and University of New Hampshire students with the services of a drug offense lawyer or alcohol possession attorney in Durham, NH and Strafford County, NH. Consequently, we offer the skills and experience needed to guide you through the situation. With us, you’ll receive extensive legal counsel, guidance and representation, ensuring proper defense in the court of law and minimized penalties, in many cases avoiding incarceration altogether.


Why should I Get a Drug Offense Attorney or Alcohol Possession Attorney?

In many situations, the cases of unlawful possession of alcohol or CDS are not open-and-shut. Various levels of charges ranging from misdemeanor to Class-B felony can be instituted against the defender, depending on many factors. These include the amount of substances found, the age of the offender, prior convictions, and possible distance from a school or a place of education. In all cases, it’s important to enroll the help of an experienced professional who specializes in drug and alcohol crimes in Durham, NH and Strafford County, NH. Carefully assessing the situation, the degree of the offense and all related legal regulations of the implied crime enables us to build a strong case in your defense, minimizing any possible jail time or fines. Here at Durham Criminal Law, we have extensive experience in providing alcohol possession attorney, drug offense attorney and marijuana possession attorney services, as well as legal help in with any of the following problems


  • Driving under influence and driving while intoxicated

  • Possession of fake identification

  • Drug and alcohol crimes

  • Assault and domestic violence

  • Unlawful possession of firearms and weapons


Is Help Only Available in Durham, NH and Strafford County, NH?

Although we’re based in Durham, in close proximity of the University of New Hampshire, we offer our services for clients in the surrounding locations as well. We’ll be happy to help you with drug and alcohol crimes in Durham, NH and Strafford County, NH, as well as the following areas:

  • Carroll County, NH

  • Rockingham County, NH

  • Merrimack County, NH

  • Belknap County, NH


How Do I Get Defense In Drug and Alcohol Crimes?

The first step towards building proper legal defense is to let a professional drug offense lawyer or an alcohol possession lawyer evaluate the facts. Knowing exactly what to look for and garnering multiple decades’ worth of experience in the field, Durham Criminal Law specialists are here to help you with any drug and alcohol crime charges you may be facing.

To see how we can be of service to you, please call (603) 812-8627.

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