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Criminal Law

Criminal Law Attorney in Durham, NH and Strafford County, NH

Being charged with criminal offence can be truly troubling experience. Laws regarding various offenses such as possession of a fake ID, driving under influence or simple assault come with very serious fines and even jail time for the offenders. If you or your loved one has been charged with possession of marijuana, resisting arrest, unlawful alcohol possession or any other criminal offence, you need a professional criminal defense firm to guide you throughout the legal process and provide representation in a court of law to maximize the chance of a positive outcome in the case. With more than 20 years of experience in providing criminal defense lawyer services in Durham, NH and Strafford County, NH, Durham Criminal Law is your best partner in these tough times. Led by attorney Joanne M. Stella, the criminal defense firm specializes in civil litigation and defense of clients charged with various criminal offenses in Durham, NH and Strafford County, NH. Joanne M. Stella has provided compassionate, professional and highly-efficient criminal defense services for cases of possession of false identification, possession of controlled drugs, driving while intoxicated, simple assault and a variety of other cases for over 20 years to students of the University of New Hampshire and local residents. Our professional defense lawyers know exactly what to look for in police documentation and how to ensure the best possible outcome in your situation, working tirelessly towards avoiding fines and incarceration sentences at all costs.


What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

Students of the University of New Hampshire (UNH) are often subjected to various criminal control and prevention efforts by Durham Police, UHN police, New Hampshire State Police and other local law officers. Having worked as the official associate UHN lawyer for 18 years, Joanne M. Stella has helped hundreds of students battle the charges of various criminal and civil offenses in various levels and in court. This extensive experience translates into professional and highly effective legal criminal defense services in Durham, NH and Strafford County, NH by Durham Criminal Law. The criminal defense firm specializes in the defense of private clients in a variety of alcohol, drug and DUI related cases, including but not limited to the following services:

  • Reckless driving attorney services, DWI attorney and driving while intoxicated lawyer services

  • Defense in the case of possession of false identification

  • Various drug and alcohol possession crimes, including possession of marijuana, possession of controlled drugs and unlawful possession of alcohol

  • Domestic violence, simple assault and violent crimes criminal defense

  • Civil and criminal defense in the cases of unlawful possession of firearms and weapons

Criminal Law Attorney – New Hampshire and Beyond

The areas surrounding the UHN are the most common for regular police raids and criminal offense charges against students, faculty, and other people living in the vicinity. Whether in need of an assault lawyer, a drug crime attorney, a driving under influence attorney or any other form of legal defense, Durham Criminal Law has got you covered. We’re happy to provide all defense lawyer services to students, residents and any other party charged for a criminal or civil offense in the following areas:


  • Durham, NH

  • Strafford County, NH


However, we also offer our services to those seeking legal aid in the following surrounding areas:  

  • Carroll County

  • Rockingham County

  • Merrimack County

  • Belknap County


To learn more about Durham Criminal Law representation in the counties, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.



The Best Criminal Defense Attorney for You

We know just how challenging and troubling a criminal offense charge can be. Especially when the supposed offender is a young adult and there’s a chance of their whole future being compromised in a flash. That’s why we strive to provide all-encompassing and efficient attorney services in all cases, no matter how complex or seemingly hopeless.

To get the best legal defense in Durham, NH and Strafford County, NH, call Durham Criminal Law at (603) 812-8627 or e-mail us at!

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